Buy My Book "Liberally Speaking"

Here is my book, published by Branden Books. Liberally Speaking: Why Liberalism is Right for America retails for $19.95 plus $1.65 tax and $5.00 shipping. Click on the Buy Now button below to go to the PayPal site, make your purchase and I will send you a SIGNED copy of the book.      

You can also order it on Amazon but your copy will not be signed.

I am available for book appearances throughout California and on the air.

Liberally Speaking tells the story of  my conversion from the conservative viewpoint of my youthful upbringing to liberalism, based on liberalism's superior ethical basis and its proven record of success in gaining opportunity, security, civil rights and economic prosperity for the American people.

Liberally Speaking is the indispensable guide for every progressive thinker. Find out how liberal you are with a self-evaluation. Know the principles of liberalism and where they come from. Have the answers, justifications and facts at hand to defend your liberal values in any discussion. Be able to show that America's core values are liberal values, and that they are responsible for practically all the humane progress that's been made in America since its foundation!

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